Custom Siding

Board and Batten Siding: The most basic siding alternating wide and narrow vertical boards. They combine a simple yet beautiful design of architectural style.

Slab Siding: A very easy and unique siding with a wide range of options. The traditional style is available with natural edge or hewn edge to accommodate chinking for a unique log look.The overlap style is an easy installation also available in natural edge or hand hewn edge.

Half Log Traditional: Half log siding is designed to be builder friendly. Available in regular lap for chinking look or rustic lap for log to log look. It comes in both smooth face or hand hewn for rustic look. Coverage of 7 inch width.

Half Log Custom: Actual half logs ranging 8 inch to 20 inch diameter for authentic log look. It is available with or without dovetails/Swedish Cope. It comes it both lathe or hand hewn texture.