Wasatch Timber is focused on dry, standing, dead spruce logs, for low taper and minimizing shrinkage to maximize craftsmanship.

Milled Logs: Logs have machined lathe finish, for uniform dimension. We have 2" to 6" in stock and 7" to 20" available upon order.

Milled and Peeled Logs: Logs are machined lathe finished for uniform dimension, then hand hewn for authentic rustic look. #443f3fLogs are available upon order.

Hand Hewn Logs: Logs a created using a draw knife to authenticate skip peel or clean peel appearance, so the natural contour and beauty of the log is accented. For those who are looking for special characteristics, we invite our customer to come pick out the log to meet their style.  Logs are available upon order.

Raw Logs: Logs comes in spruce or lodge pole. We have a wide range in lengths and diameters.