Raw Logs

-Raw Logs come in Spruce, Pine, or Douglas Fir. All of our Logs are Organic! Freshly and humanly harvested, then brought to our yard. If you need logs we can take care of you. We have a wide range of lengths and diameters available-

-Wasatch Timber is focused on premium standing dead Engelmann spruce logs, for low taper and minimizing shrinkage to maximize craftsmanship-

Milled Logs

-Logs have been lathed to a consistent uniform dimension. We have 2″- 6″ diameter in stock and 7″- 20″ diameter available upon order. Milled logs are a great choice for Log homes, Milled Log railing, milled fencing and many other log applications. Our Lathe produces the best looking milled logs in the West!

Hand-Peeled Logs

-Hand Peeled Logs are created using a draw knife to authentically give the logs a skip peel or clean peel appearance, so the natural contour and beauty of the log is accented. For those who are looking for special characteristics, we invite our customer to come pick out the log to meet their style. Logs are available upon order-

Milled and Peeled Logs

-Logs are machine lathed for uniform dimension, then hand peeled for the authentic rustic look. Milled & Peeled Logs are a great choice for having the Hand Peeled look, but the consistency in diameter of a milled log. Allowing for cleaner scribing and a more consistent log to work with. 2″-20″ diameter are available upon order-


-Wasatch Timber is the leader in providing the best burning firewood in Utah! People come from all over the state to enjoy our dry presplit wood. Bring your car, truck, or trailer and well get you taken care of.

(Custom Length Firewood Available upon Order)

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