Transformation Stain® Siding and Trim

Transformation Stain Siding and Trim is the easy maintenance stain for all of your exterior siding and trim. The hybrid oil-in-water formula won’t peel. Maintenance means a simple power wash and re-coat. Simple! Great for decks, too. Available in 11 colors.

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The Easiest Stain to Maintain.

Clean up is easy with simple water clean up. Use it indoors and out, since Transformation Siding and Trim is 100% VOC compliant. With a unique formula of water and acrylic-modified resins, Transformation Siding and Trim Stain offer durability and a breathtaking finish for your log home or other wooden vertical surfaces.

Where to use

Interior and exterior wood siding, trim, decks, and fences

Where NOT to use

  • Surfaces previously coated with a non-drying waxy oil-based stain
  • Interior walking surfaces
  • Furniture
  • Cabinetry

No peel formula

The only thing worse than peeling stain is the sight of it. When properly applied and maintained, Transformation Siding & Trim won’t peel.

Easy to maintain

No removal necessary. Simply power wash, recoat, and move on with life.

Shows the wood grain

Wood is beautiful. Don’t hid it. Highlight it.

Matte finish

Flat, shine-free finish.

1 gal. pail $76.99
5 gal. pail $345.99


Container Size

Case (two 1 gal. pails), 5 Gallon Bucket

Transformation Siding and Trim Colors

Brown Tone Medium, Honey Timber, Natural, Natural Cedar, Pecan, Red Tone Medium, Woodtone Cedar


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