Keeping your log home beautiful and protected matters. It means being diligent with semi-annual maintenance inspections and keeping up with routine reapplication of stains or clear coats where needed, when needed.

We are a full-service Sashco dealer!

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Were a full Sashco wood care products Dealer.  which includes CPR, Tim-bor, Cobra Rods, Log Jam Chinking, Log Builder, Conceal Caulking, Capture, Cascade, Symphony, the Transformation Line Oil Based stain and more!

​We also stock a full line of chinks, caulking, sealants, wood preservatives, log screws as well as specialty tools for fabrication for notching logs and timbers.

Sashco is a leading product in high quality sealants for conventional home construction and log home finishing and maintenance products. Sashco has a great selection of caulks and sealants for specific application for interior and exterior uses. Sashco products are ecologically safe and compatible for log home finish, log home staining, log cleaning and restoration. Product line includes chinking, caulking, interior and exterior stains, log cleaning products, and wood preservatives.

We also specialize in Copper Care products. Copper Naphthenate is a wood preservative for safe and effective performance as a fungicide and insecticide to protect against rot, moisture and mildew on exterior wood surfaces.

Preserve Your Dream with Sashco Log Home Solutions

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Whether you’re finally building your dream home or just keeping it looking sharp, Sashco has the log home solutions you’ll need. Like you, we share a passion for log homes and have spent years perfecting our products to make it easy for you to build and maintain your log or wood home. What makes log homes so charming and unique is also what gives them special challenges; irregularly shaped logs, constant expansion/contraction, susceptibility to damage from insects and harsh climates – these are just a few of the issues log home owners need to manage. Sashco log home solutions are specifically designed to address each step of the process when it comes to building and maintaining your home.

Before You Start – Get Educated

Keeping the Dream Alive >>
Download Sashco’s complete guide to log home finishing and maintenance. It will arm you with the knowledge you need to get things done right the first time.

How To Videos >>
Watch helpful product application videos. Even if you’re not doing the work yourself, you’ll know what to watch for. Besides, it makes for good conversation with your contractors.

Read up on individual tasks, like caulking, stain maintenance, and more. 

Products You’ll Need Along the Way

Step 1 – Prep

Good surface prep meets these 5 prerequisites:

  1. Clean Wood: The surface is free of dust, dirt, pollen, bird poo, mold, algae, and other surface contaminants. Staining over top of these simply locks them in under the stain. Boo.
  2. Sound Wood: All loose, UV-damaged gray and yellow wood has been removed. All of these wood fibers will eventually fall off and take your stain with it.
  3. Dry Wood: Wood is at or below 19% moisture content, lower in dry climates. Wet wood can lead to a host of issues, including peeling and rot. (Yuck.)
  4. Warm Wood: Surfaces are between 40°F and 90°F when staining. (Too hot or cold and the stain won’t adhere and penetrate properly.)
  5. Textured Wood: Wood has been roughed up a bit, which allows it to hang on to more stain to improve durability.

Step 2 – Preserve

Preserving Your Home

Once surfaces are clean, it’s time to apply preservatives. Preservatives help protect the structure of the wood itself, preventing damage caused by moisture and insects that can lead to costly repairs. Preservatives are the must-have insurance for every log home owner.

Step 3 – Stain

Staining Your Home

After proper preparation is done and preservatives are applied, you are ready to stain. Sashco’s stains are some of the longest-lasting stains you can buy. With routine maintenance, they will highlight and protect the unique beauty and character of your log or wood home for years to come.

Step 4 – Chink and Seal

Sealing Your Home

Now that your wood is stained, you’re ready for chinking and caulking. Sashco pioneered one of the first flexible log home sealants in the 1980’s. Since then, we’ve made it our calling to produce only the highest quality chinking and caulking products to keep the weather out. Our products for log and wood homes are specifically formulated to withstand the extreme movement that wood experiences. We promise they’ll perform over the years with a lifetime guarantee.

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